About MyHealthCoach

About MyHealthCoach

MyHealthCoach is the fastest-growing members-only self-care website, where you can get advice from a real Health Coach, receive professional coaching and support and learn the honest answers giant drug companies don't want you to hear regarding all your health questions and concerns.

Our Medical Director

It's long been our Medical Director's philosophy that health is a mutual responsibility, to be shared by patient and physician, and that accurate information is your best tool in that partnership. A specialist in Internal Medicine with special medical interests in clinical nutrition, preventive medicine and wellness, our Medical Director lectures frequently on health promotion and disease prevention. He is also well-known as a guest expert on television news shows. In his private practice he recommends natural alternatives to drugs and invasive treatments whenever possible.

Management Team

After years of experience in the alternative health industry, our team realized that if consumers want more than a quick, temporary fix from a pill or crash diet, they need ongoing help and support in order to make the permanent lifestyle changes necessary to achieve and maintain the benefits they seek. To meet this need, they established MyHealthCoach in 2018.

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